We’ve teamed up with Dr. Kelly Starrett to bring you the Optimum Movement and Recovery (O.M.R.) report, your DNA-fuelled guide to recovery and injury prevention. O.M.R. comes with insights for 25 traits and a personalized video series from Dr. Starrett and his world-leading team at MobilityWOD. Combined, these will help reveal areas of your body and movements where you may have increased injury risk, and exercises and techniques to overcome these.

Take muscle cramping as an example, something all athletes will deal with at some point. Did you know that your DNA has an effect on your risk of getting muscle cramps?

The AMPD1 gene gives your muscle cells the ability to quickly use energy during time of exertion. Variants of this gene can impact how efficiently this process occurs. Individuals with the inefficient variant (called Adenosine monophosphate deaminase 1 deficiency) may fatigue faster and experience muscle cramping during or after strenuous exercise.

Find out which variant of the AMPD1 gene you have and get expert advice and recommendations with the Optimum Movement and Recovery report.


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