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Wodapalooza 2016: Team Athletigen Recap

Posted by admin on Tue, Jan 26, 2016

At Wodapalooza 2016, Athletigen sponsored a team of elite crossfitters to compete in the Men's Elite Team Division over the weekend of January 15th - 17th in Miami. It was a rain soaked event, with the weather throwing a lot of curveballs at our athletes. The team consisted of Brent Fikowski, Albert-Dominic Larouche and Mitch Barnard, an all-Canadian team ready to make their country proud. 

"The information I received from my athletigen profile absolutely helped me better optimize my training and dietary needs to maximize my performance going into the event," said Fikoswki. 

Over the course of the competitions, the team continued to find themselves in contention to bring the title home. Below is an overview of each event, and where the team finished. When the final WOD was over, and the points were tallied, Team Athletigen gained enough points to jump into 1st place for the first time all weekend and be crowned Wodapalooza champions for 2016. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNkhM610pRg]

Wod 1

  • 120 Pistols 
  • 1 Athlete DBALL BEAR HUG HOLD 
  • 90 GHD Sit-ups 
  • 60 OH Squats 
  • 300 ft HS Walk no hold relay 100 ft each

Time cap: 15 minutes

This wod took place during some heavy rain and all athletes had to battle the elements. Team Athletigen took 6th place.

Wod 2

  • 9 Bar Facing Burpees 
  • 12 Power Snatches 
  • 15 Thrusters 
  • 18 Calories Assault Bike

Time cap: 11 minutes

This wod had to be modified because of the rain and the Assault Bikes were not used. It was changed to 21 Thrusters, 15 bar facing burpees, 15 thrusters, 21 bar facing burpees. Team Athletigen placed 4th.

Wod 3
3 Rounds for time:

  • 40 Deadlifts 
  • 50 Meter Swim 
  • 40 Strict HSPU 
  • 50 Meter Swim 

Time cap: 16 minutes

Team Athletigen came in at 1st for this event, edging out the Rich Froning and the “Freedom Men” by :04 seconds. The experience of Brent Fikowski’s swimming and the incredible capacity in the HSPU’s from ADL and Mitch got Team Athletigen across the finish line first.

Wod 4
4-0 Complete for Max Load (3RM Load + 5RM Load + 7RM Load = Total Weight)
4-1 Complete for time:

  • 3 Snatches 3000 meter (1500 / 1500) 
  • 5 Snatches 500 Double Unders (250 / 250) 
  • 7 Snatches 70 Muscle-ups (35 ring / 35 bar) 

Time cap: 20 minutes

6th place finish with a total load lifted of 760lbs

Wod 5 
4-0 Complete for Max Load (3RM Load + 5RM Load + 7RM Load = Total Weight)
4-1 Complete for time:

  • 3 Snatches 3,000 meter (1500 / 1500)
  • 5 Snatches 500 Double Unders (250 / 250)
  • 7 Snatches 70 Muscle-ups (35 ring / 35 bar) 

Time cap: 20 minutes

24th place finish in the timed portion of this event. By far Team Athletigen’s worst finish but they weathered the storm in an event that they knew they would have to manage.

Wod 6

  • 20 DBall Ground over Shoulder 
  • 50 Synchronized Toes to Bar 
  • 50 Synchronized C2B Pull-ups 
  • 20 DBall Ground to Shoulder

Time cap: 10 minutes

10th place finish.

Wod 7

  • Athlete 1: 7 Legless rope climbs 
  • Athlete 2: 7 Squat Cleans 
  • Athlete 3: 7R/7L DB Squat Snatch

Time cap: 6 minutes

9th Place finish in this event. Great job pacing from start to finish by the team. This wod was executed perfectly within their capacity. They tackled each part individually with clear communication between one another about when to go and at what pace.

Wod 8
100 Clean and Jerks
**anytime athlete breaks he/she must perform 1 Rope Climb

Time cap: 6 minutes

This wod sealed the Victory for Team Athletigen. With an event win and a little bit of help from some other teams they gained first place for the first time all weekend. Perfect timing as it was the final event. Fikowski started the team off with 40 unbroken clean and jerks before handing off to ADL who worked the middle portion of the 100 reps. This was truly impressive after the 7 legless rope climbs which would have done significant damage to his grip and he also appeared to be dealing with some ripped hands. He let Barnard finish off the event and he cycled the barbell with incredible speed and efficiency to bring home the overall victory.

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