What is The Pursuit?

In the pursuit for constant and neverending improvement, athletes strive for small developments over time to capture a podium finish, or a personal best.

At Athletigen we’re helping athletes actualize their aspirations by giving them insight inside their most important asset: their body. By joining The Pursuit, you will be with us every step of the way in our mission to accelerate discovery in human performance. We need your help to innovate and inform our product offerings alongside our scientists, athletes, and coaches. 

From our Olympians at ALTIS to our athletes in the NHL, we’re supporting championship dreams by developing a product that helps athletes optimize their potential. 

What Do You Pursue?

Is it a championship performance, weight loss goal, career aspiration, or a new personal record?  No matter what your goals are, there is something that ties all humans together.

Humans are 99.5% genetically alike, even after the three billion years of repetitive iterations on the material that makes us who we are: our DNA. This human technology locked inside each of your 37 trillion cells contains the seemingly endless code that determines all of your characteristics.

We want to improve your understanding of your human technology to show you that you are Made For More.

Tori Pena: Irish Pole Vaulter and Athletigen Athlete

Research and Exclusive Products That Affect You

By joining Athletigen, you’re accelerating human potential with the click of a button.

The current state of genetic research is such that we’re just learning to read this multi-billion letter story confined in our cells. Scientists are understanding more of our human book everyday, and have been doing so for decades.

Although we understand what many of the letters mean in the context of our 25,000 or so genes, there are still many missing connections. Large-scale human research is needed to validate what we already know, and discover the many ideas that scientists are pondering about genetics.

This is where you come in.


Through our vision of making genetics accessible to all humans, we believe in genetic democracy. That means having the access to your genetic data, deciding who and when you want to share it with, and most importantly having the power to use your DNA to help innovate and discover alongside with us.

Innovating with the Best in the World

We’ve already begun to explore the possibilities with elite athletes across the world. Athletigen athletes are professionals across the sports of track and field, hockey, CrossFit, American football and more. We leverage the passion and insight of our astute athletes to drive innovation in our product offerings.

Joining The Pursuit means that you will be the first to hear about our new applications, and will have the opportunity to help us innovate alongside our scientists and athletes. The feedback you provide us through exclusive surveys will be directly incorporated into our product development pipeline in order to build an application for members of our community like yourself.

In return for your insight, you will be among the first to gain access to new platform releases, chances to win exclusive Athletigen gear, and more. You will have access to insider material such as exclusive research reports, exclusive video, and expert opinions from the world of sports genetics. 


Join Us

Inside of you lies immense potential. Understanding why and how your genes contribute to your athletic ability can help you more precisely decipher how to make your potential a reality.

Becoming part of The Pursuit means contributing to the first open endeavour in the world that is combining genotypic and phenotypic information in the context of athletics and performance. What’s more is that you’ll be part of an exclusive community of Olympians, athletes, coaches, and scientists who are moving forward as one to discover the possibilities in human performance with genetic data.

Join us in The Pursuit of accelerating human performance for free today. We invite you to also share this post with your friends using the buttons below to be entered in a monthly draw for an Athletigen swag pack, including an American Apparel tank-top. 

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