We know our bodies need fuel to feel and perform our best, and the fuel that we put in them has an impact on how we move, train, and recover.

Did you know that our bodies metabolize nutrients in different ways? Even though we all need certain nutrients for optimal health, each of us is still very unique when it comes to how much of each nutrient we need for our one-of-a-kind body.

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There are a variety of different ways to make sure you’re eating optimally for you — one being the results of your genetics!

For example, your DNA can inform you of how well you absorb Vitamin D. If you don’t absorb Vitamin D efficiently enough, you may be prone to lower testosterone, increased injury risks, and higher possibility of chronic diseases. Understanding your genetics can help you strategically plan meals that fuel your body better than ever!  

This is just one example of how your DNA report can tell you how efficiently your body responds to and uses the vitamins that you consume every day. The report also features numerous recommendations to improve your vitamin intake, if necessary.

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that are essential for human growth, development, and metabolism. Sources of vitamins can be natural, like those in plants and meats, or synthetic, such as those made in a lab and included in supplements.

By knowing what nutrients you might be lacking or that your body may have a bit more trouble absorbing, you have the power to personalize your diet to ensure you get a sufficient amount of vitamins to perform at the highest levels.  

Athletigen has shown you your ability to metabolize specific nutrients. Now it’s time to get out there and start eating like a pro.

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