Sean McCullum
Crossfit athlete Brista Mayfield is basically a superhero

Brista Mayfield, an elite Crossfit athlete (and former gymnast) from Anna,..

DNA 101: Training lactate threshold? Know the genetic link

The playoffs are over and it’s officially off-season for hockey players...

DNA 101: Avoid injury with TLC (tendon love & care)

If you’re like most athletes, one of your main concerns is preventing..

Why DNA shouldn't be used for talent identification

A huge part of a scout's job is talent identification. In the quest to find..

Sean McCullum
Meet Ryan Vigneau: The first Athletigen certified coach

We're proud to announce that Ryan Vigneau, director of RVXFactor in..

Sean McCullum
Your DNA and weight gain

Weight loss can be a seemingly easy task for some but an elusive goal for..

Sean McCullum
C100 names Athletigen among most promising companies in Canada

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – April 27, 2016: C100, a nonprofit organization..

Lacey Henderson: What Makes Me Hungry for More

From originally missing out on making the US Paralympic team, to meeting..

Casey Jones
An Athletigen Analysis: Is Paleo For You?

The assertion that our bodies are better suited and more in tune to the..

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