Sean McCullum
Crossfit athlete Brista Mayfield is basically a superhero

Brista Mayfield, an elite Crossfit athlete (and former gymnast) from Anna,..

Frustrated with fats? Feed your genes

How should you eat? More fats or less fats? Vegan or Paleo?

DNA 101: Training lactate threshold? Know the genetic link

The playoffs are over and it’s officially off-season for hockey players...

DNA 101: Avoid injury with TLC (tendon love & care)

If you’re like most athletes, one of your main concerns is preventing..

Why DNA shouldn't be used for talent identification

A huge part of a scout's job is talent identification. In the quest to find..

Sean McCullum
Meet Ryan Vigneau: The first Athletigen certified coach

We're proud to announce that Ryan Vigneau, director of RVXFactor in..

Sean McCullum
Your DNA and weight gain

Weight loss can be a seemingly easy task for some but an elusive goal for..

Sean McCullum
S&C coach Alexi Pianosi talks DNA in training program development

Alexi Pianosi is the S&C coach for the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL. He..

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