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Your body’s skeleton is a mineral structure that serves two main functions: supporting and maintaining the shape of your body, and proper function of your muscles.

During the first 30 years of your life, your body collects and stores the calcium and potassium from your food to build and grow your bones. After 30, your body slowly leaches these minerals to help supplement your mineral intake and support the proper function of your nervous system and muscle contractions.

Staying active and maintaining your muscle strength as you age is an important step to keeping your bones healthy. Fractures pose a significant risk to your mobility and independence and these consequences become more severe later in life.

While many factors, both DNA and environmental, may influence your risk of bone injuries, understanding your likelihood of injury from a genetic perspective and adapting your environment to mitigate this risk can go a long way to keeping you healthy and mobile as you age.

Athletigen’s Wellness Report delivers insights into four traits that are related to bone health:

  • Fracture Risk and Bone Mineral Density

  • Bone Mineral Density Loss

  • Fracture Risk

  • Osteoporosis Risk

Learn about how your DNA affects your bone health — and many other traits related to your health and wellbeing — with the Wellness Report!


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