Here’s something you probably already know: Some people gain body mass faster than others while working out. But did you realize that DNA plays a role in the development of muscle mass?

The TRHR gene is involved in a series of complex pathways that help control when your thyroid releases hormones to alter metabolism and trigger muscle growth. The activity of these pathways increases in response to exercise. Variants of TRHR can influence the efficiency of these pathways and impact the development of lean muscle mass.

Most of us — 83 percent of the population — have variants of TRHR that are associated with increased gains in lean muscle mass in response to exercise. 

If you’re one these individuals, your body may develop muscle mass more quickly than the average person in response to training and you have enhanced thyroid function.

If one of your training goals is to maintain or build lean mass, you can improve your outcomes by managing and supporting your body’s basic needs. This includes getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night to accelerate recovery, consuming 1.5-2.0 g/kg of protein each day to fuel the development of your muscles, and minimizing any external sources of stress so your hormone levels stay in their ideal zones.

Working from your area of strength, increasing muscle mass correctly can positively impact your metabolism as well as your speed and explosiveness.

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