The Cheat Meals of Altis

Altis Athletes Tucker Peabody, Abigail Irozuru, and Taylor Monae Evans tell us about their favorite cheat meals. 

Even the world’s best athletes indulge in a cheat meal. We chatted with our friends at Altis about their favorite meals in our latest YouTube video.

The Science Behind the Cheat Meal

Cheat meal advocates say that a large meal can reset proper hormone levels and maintain proper metabolic mechanisms in an effort to stay lean (Source). This means that you shouldn’t feel too guilty when spoiling yourself with that Friday night pizza – as long as it’s not a consistent habit. 

One marker from your Athletigen genetic profile (rs5082) may play a role in how likely you are to eat more carbohydrates on a daily basis. In an effort to support a healthy diet (when you’re not on a cheat meal!), take a look at your genetic reports under “Macronutrients” to guide your food choices in the best direction possible. 

Hot Pizza

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Answer our poll here!


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