Athletigen has partnered with one of the world’s premier athletic training centers to bring you the ALTIS Sport Performance Report.

Get expert advice and recommendations from Dan Pfaff, the ALTIS head coach whose athletes continue to win gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships. You will also have access to DNA-curated videos from the ALTIS 360 library that are selected based on your DNA.

The ALTIS Sport Performance Report examines over 50 DNA markers that impact 22 human performance traits. Take fat metabolism as an example. Did you know that your DNA has a direct effect on your body’s ability to metabolize fats?

icn_athletigen-sportPerformanceReport-reportPPARD is a regulator gene that tells your body when to mobilize and metabolize fats for energy, or when to convert dietary fats into fat tissues. During prolonged exercise, like endurance sports, the activity of PPARD increases to help release more energy from fats to fuel your muscles. Having efficient PPARD variants may help to increase and prolong this energy boost.

Other variants of PPARD could mean a decreased ability to break down fats, the body’s preferred source of energy for endurance exercise. This could limit how quickly your aerobic capacity adapts to training and could mean that you require more targeted training to reach your goal.

Learn how your body metabolizes fats and get expert recommendations from the Olympic-level coaches at ALTIS with the ALTIS Sport Performance Report.


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