Bryce Crosby
Athletigen Appoints Former VP of AncestryDNA John Pereira to the Board of Directors

HALIFAX, NS - October 5, 2016. - Athletigen, the industry leader in athlete..

Olympic Medalist Akeem Haynes: No One Person is an Island

Akeem Haynes, Olympic bronze medalist.

Casey Jones
An Athletigen Analysis: Is Paleo For You?

The assertion that our bodies are better suited and more in tune to the..

Casey Jones
Olympic Genetics: Jeremy Dodson's Athletigen Profile

Jeremy Dodson didn’t always have aspirations for the Olympic stage in track..

Casey Jones
A Brief History of Genetics

If you’re reading this, you’ve won the genetic lottery. Your genetic..

Casey Jones
The Genetics of the Cinderella Icelandic Soccer Team

In a soccer match against Estonia in 1996, Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen stepped on..

Bryce Crosby
Skullcandy® Human Potential Lab Partners with Athletigen and Athletic Republic

Experts in Science, Hardware and Athlete Training to Help Millions of..

Sean Sinden
When Nature Trumps Nurture: Genetics and Doping

The International Olympic Committee recently revealed that several athletes..

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