Sean McCullum
DNA could explain why your body reacts to caffeine in a unique way

Caffeine is used by many high-performance athletes to increase focus and..

Sean McCullum
What you need to know about gene doping

A groundbreaking and controversial technology is on the horizon for the..

Sean McCullum
How to use data to prevent athletes pushing it too far

In mid-January of this year, three Oregon Ducks football players were..

Sean McCullum
Understanding your genetics to help reduce injury risk

An individual’s DNA plays a role in everything from their eye colour to how..

Bryce Crosby
The Evolution of ACTN3 - Discovery of the Sprint Gene

“Though the ACTN3 gene does appear to influence sprinting ability, making a..

Genetics and Golf

“It’s easy to build up a tournament into something so huge that you can’t..

Lacey Henderson: What Makes Me Hungry for More

From originally missing out on making the US Paralympic team, to meeting..

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