Who is Kelly Starrett?


Every industry has a few special individuals that change the game by thinking outside the box, taking risks, and driving innovation — Kelly Starrett is one of these people. Combining his physical therapy background with his passion for sports, Kelly has created a game-changing movement founded on his unique approach to human optimization.

“With intelligence and swagger, Kelly Starrett is carpet-bombing the tired notions of what for years has stranded stretching and recovery thought in a ditch. He is pioneering a new era of sports performance as it relates to movement, mechanics and the actualization of athletic potential.” ~ T.J. Murphy, Editor-at-Large, Competitor Magazine

Kelly’s company MobilityWod empowers people to take care of their body using optimized movement and recovery techniques. MobilityWod’s DIY-style classes, books, and video guides reveal how and why the human body moves the way it does. These resources help users understand why some exercises provide improved performance gains and how changing post-exercise routines can improve recovery. If you have ever watched someone at the gym making a funny face as they slam their shoulder into a lacrosse ball, chances are they are using something learned from Kelly.

Kelly’s charisma and unique communication style have made him a sought-after speaker and consultant. He has has worked closely with a variety of elite organizations including the New Zealand All Blacks, the U.S. Army, ALTIS, EXOS, and numerous professional sports and corporate teams. Dr. Starrett also has several books to his name and another to be released soon (Waterman 2.0).


The M|WOD-Athletigen Collaboration

Kelly has always championed emerging technologies that can help people push their human performance. It is this passion that brought Kelly to Athletigen’s CEO Dr. Jeremy Koenig, to learn more about genetics. In late 2017, Athletigen and MobilityWod began working together on a product to revolutionize the way we think about recovery and injury prevention. The goal of this collaboration is simple: use your DNA data to deliver personalized insights and recommendations from Kelly and his team.



“Sports genetics is taking the world of athletics by storm. We can now learn how to optimize high-performance training via our DNA. Athletigen decodes this knowledge for coaches and athletes while shaping the future of personalized training. I am SO PUMPED to be a part of this movement”

~ Kelly Starrett



Optimum Movement & Recovery DNA Report  

Both the MobilityWod and Athletigen teams are excited to bring you a truly unique and insightful product: the Optimum Movement and Recovery DNA report. The culmination of Kelly’s expertise with in-depth DNA analysis will allow you to understand your genetic blueprint and take the necessary steps to optimize your own performance. Here are some highlights of what you will learn:

  • After you work out, your genetic machinery mobilizes to repair and rebuild any tissues that were damaged. How effectively your body recovers can significantly influence your risk of getting injured in the future. Some of us rebuild and recover more easily than others. Your DNA data can help reveal why this is the case and help pinpoint what adjustments you can make to your training schedule to reduce your risks of injury.

  • Everyone has soreness from inflammation after workouts. Did you know that your genes influence how long this lasts? Knowing how your DNA impacts post-exercise soreness and inflammation can help you plan recovery strategies between your training sessions.   

  • You’ve heard this countless times: sleep is important. Did you know that there is more to a restful night than how long you sleep? The sleep section of the report uncovers how your genes influence when you feel tired, how much sleep you need, and how well you sleep.



“The Optimum Movement and Recovery report is a roadmap to your human potential.”

– Dr. Kelly Starrett, MobilityWOD Founder


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