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Joint Health and your DNA

Posted by Athletigen on Wed, Jun 12, 2019

Your DNA affects your risk of joint injury

Keeping your joints healthy can help you enjoy an active lifestyle for many years. As you age, joint wear and tear is common – although this can be worsened if you engage in high-impact sports or have had a previous injury.

What’s more, your weight can influence your joint health. Overweight individuals may put more strain on their joints, influencing the risk of injury.

Cartilage and meniscus tissues protect the ends of bones and enables them to glide smoothly during movement. Damage to your cartilage can decrease bone protection and impede the joint’s normal function, causing pain, stiffness, and potentially leading to arthritis and bone spurs (an extra bit of bone that forms around an arthritic joint).

Joint injury and your DNA

Many factors can influence your risk of joint injury, including aging, obesity, bone deformities, and your DNA. Genes that are related to osteoarthritis injury risk or vertebral disc degeneration relate to your body’s ability to maintain the integrity of your cartilage.

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