Endurance ability is your body’s capacity to maintain performance and energy over long durations and distances. The driving force behind your endurance ability is the aerobic system, whose primary function is to deliver oxygen to your cells to fuel chemical reactions that provide your body with energy.

Your aerobic system is comprised of two factors: central and peripheral factors.

  • Central factors are the organs that carry oxygen to your cells including, your lungs, heart, blood cells, and blood vessels.
  • Peripheral factors are the mitochondria in your cells that make the cellular energy.

Genetic variations can influence the function and efficiency of your aerobic system, and influence your ability to perform endurance activities. The genetic markers found in the endurance section of the ALTIS Sport Performance Report have all been the focus of substantial research with elite endurance athletes, individuals who display an enhanced adaptative response to endurance training, and the general public. The endurance-linked genetic markers in the report have been categorized based on how they influence your physiology to help you improve your endurance performance.

The world-class coaches at ALTIS have been working to improve the endurance performance of the best endurance track athletes in the world. Their coaching wisdom is a great reference for athletes and coaches interested in learning about athletic development. Insights from your own DNA combined with the coaching wisdom from ALTIS are a winning combination that will help you take your endurance ability to the next level.

Learn how these genetic traits affect your endurance ability and get expert recommendations from the Olympic-level coaches at ALTIS with the ALTIS Sport Performance Report.


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