icn_athletigen-nutrition-reportAthletigen’s Nutrition Report analyzes over 100 markers and gives insight into 30 traits, providing a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body’s response to your diet.

Take carbs as an example. For some, eating these foods might not be an issue. But for the rest of us, it seems like we pack on the pounds at the mere thought of eating a carb-loaded meal.

While there are a number of potential explanations for this reality, there is one that is a huge contributor: genetics. Athletigen’s Nutrition Report can tell you how your DNA metabolizes nutrients such as carbohydrates.

Did you know that people metabolize carbohydrates differently? While some may be faster carb metabolizers, others are not as efficient, which may result in an increased risk for weight gain and altered insulin response if your carbohydrate intake exceeds your energy requirements.

Depending on your diet, activity levels, and whether you have certain genes, your body may use the calories in carbs very quickly or store this energy as fat tissue for future use.

Through DNA analysis, you can determine how your body is likely to react to carbs, fats, and other nutrients. This knowledge enables you to modify and tailor your diet to help you accomplish your health goals and feel better.

Find out whether you are a fast or slow carbohydrate metabolizer with Athletigen’s Nutrition Report!


Athletigen maintains the highest standards of data privacy and will never sell or share your personal information or data. See our privacy statement and ethics statement for more details. 

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