How Olympian Anaso Jobodwana Uses Athletigen

South African Sprinter and 2012 Olympian Anaso Jobodwana is quietly taking the track & field world by storm. After crushing a South African record in the 200 metre last weekend, he’s poised for success in late August at the 2015 World Championships. We had the chance to catch up with him during our last trip to the World Athletics Center and here’s what he had to say.

Q & A With Anaso

Dr. Jeremy Koenig: When did you start running?

Anaso Jobodwana: In 2008 when I was in the tenth grade.

JK: How did you know that the 200m was your event?

AJ: I was just trying things out… The 100 metre didn’t go too well, I started too slow. When I did the 200m I found that I can actually pick up speed so I started liking it more.

JK: Why do you do it today?

AJ: I enjoy it. I think from a young age I just enjoyed running..I would run everywhere. I ran just to see my parents’ reaction.

JK: You’ve had a pretty big year this year! This must be a pretty good Mother’s Day present for her.

AJ: I’m hoping I can carry on and build on what I’ve started this year, because last year I was injured.

JK: What was your most difficult moment athletically?

AJ: Last year when I got injured. I didn’t know if I was ever going to run again because for a long time doctors didn’t know what was going on. I missed out on a championship year, and my first professional year, so a lot of things were going through my head.

JK: Best athletic moment?

AJ: Qualifying for the Olympics. That was the one that stands out the most; not even being in the Olympics, but even qualifying was the best moment.

JK: What are you currently working towards?

AJ: World Championships in Bejing in August, and also running a PR, I’m chasing a sub-20 second run. Medaling in the future is my goal.

JK: How do you think Athletigen can help get you there?

AJ: I can know a lot more about my body, my mind, and find ways to actually make me better. It’s hard to know about your body. Sometimes you try and you don’t know what’s really going on. But, this is more scientific and more accurate so it helps me to pinpoint the problems a little bit faster.

Keep up with Anaso on Twitter at @_Ambitious_jay.

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