Athletigen has partnered with VitaminLab to bring you customer vitamins based on your DNAOne of our core tenants at Athletigen is that every person is truly unique. We are firm believers that one size does not fit all, and based upon what can be learned about someone from their DNA, we can develop one-size-fits-one offerings that are genuinely custom to the individual. That’s why we’re excited to work with our partner VitaminLab to offer you custom vitamins and supplements based on your DNA.

You’ve learned from your Athletigen Nutrition Report that your genetic profile can influence how your body uses and metabolizes the nutrients in your food. Now you have the opportunity to use that information and have VitaminLab create an all-in-one personalized nutrition supplement from professional-grade ingredients based on the DNA-insights in your Nutrition Report.


How it works

The process is quite simple. Just sign-in to your Athletigen account to generate a unique VL Code. This lets you take the information in your Nutrition Report to VitaminLab. Copy your VL Code and enter it at to see your custom formula. 

The custom formula only uses the VL Code you provide to VitaminLab. Your DNA data always stays secure in your Athletigen account and VitaminLab never has access to your data.

Use Athletigen's Nutrition Report to get custom vitamins based on your DNA

Why custom supplements?

With custom supplements created for your DNA nutritional needs, your body will get everything it needs at the right dosages, and nothing it doesn’t. 

There’s also the convenience: With your subscription, VitaminLab will ship your custom supplements straight to your door. Your initial order includes a three-month supply. Your subscription will continue delivering three-month supplies just before you run out, or until you cancel or update your plan.


Custom add-ons

As athletes, we sometimes feel like our bodies need more. This is especially true right now when we cannot work out as much or feel like we are falling behind in our training. That’s why VitaminLab offers an Athletic Booster for your formula to help you reach your optimal athletic performance.

The Athletic Booster can be added to your custom vitamins based on your DNA from Athletigen and VitaminLabThere’s also the Immune Support Formula add-on, which contains Vitamin C, B. bifidum, America ginseng, and quercetin. This blend can help support your immune system, reducing the duration and severity of a cold or flu.

The Immunity Support Formula can be added to your custom vitamins based on your DNA from Athletigen and VitaminLab

 Ready to get started?

  1. Click the button below to log into your Athletigen account.
  2. Buy the Nutrition Report (if you don’t have it already).
  3. Click ‘Generate Code’ from the VitaminLab Custom Supplement tab.
  4. Copy the code and click the link to go to to use your code.
  5. Enter your unique code at, and access your custom formula!

“Having a supplement based on my DNA and my current fitness goals is a huge win for me.”

Dr. Jeremy Koenig, Athletigen CEO and custom supplement consumer.


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