Our commitment to excellence: Athletigen’s review of 2016

From developing partnerships with leaders in the human-performance industry, to the closed launch of the world’s first genomics app for human performance, Iris, it’s clear that 2016 has been a personal best for Athletigen Technologies. Reflecting on the year, CEO, Dr. Jeremy Koenig says it’s incredible how far the company has come in one year.

One of Athletigen’s defining moments in 2016 was the closed launch of Iris. Dr. Koenig said the company was faced with the tough choice of either opening Iris for public purchase or holding off and perfecting the product. “Instead of going to market, we instead chose to focus our efforts on building a product with distinction and I believe that we have achieved this with Iris,” said Dr. Koenig.

Working with the coaches and athletes at Altis, an elite training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, the closed launch of Iris allowed for Athletigen to tailor-make an excellent product.

“We built this product for high-performers. These people are going after an improbable dream and to them, one-one-hundredth of a second can mean the difference between success and failure,” said Dr. Koenig. “We had to hold ourselves to the highest standard which is easy to do when you are inspired by the dreams of your partners. There is nothing on earth quite as satisfactory as building something that makes a difference in someone else’s life.”
Throughout 2016, Athletigen received excellent feedback from both coaches and athletes. Coaches who have been using Iris enjoyed that they were able to cut down on the trial-and-error process of figuring out how their athletes’ bodies respond to training. Athletes like that they’re able to see why and how – on a genetic level – their bodies respond to their environment in a particular way.


The closed launch of Iris was a huge success for the Athletigen team, highlighting the company’s ability to collaborate and innovate. “(The closed launch) is a testament to Athletigen’s ability to deliver on a promise to an important partner, Altis. This was no easy feat, we built something that didn’t previously exist,” said Dr. Koenig. “This is an important detail to highlight, to be a pathfinder assumes that there is a path to follow, but Iris required us to be trailblazers.“

Not only was Athletigen’s partnership with Altis founded in 2016 but the company has also partnered with Skullcandy. While Skullcandy is primarily known for their extensive line of headphones and earbuds, they also operate the Skullcandy Human Potential Labs which blend science and music with athletic performance analysis. “At this time, it’s still in the early stages of planning but it has great potential with respect to combining aspects of wearable tech, genetic-insights and athlete performance. There is much to be learned,” said Dr. Koenig.

Moving forward into 2017, Athletigen will no-doubt face challenges. “The technology is in its infancy, we know this. We also know that it is the first time anyone has built a technology of this nature – focussed specifically on human performance and it has been done in a way that considers the complex feedback loop of communication between coach and athlete,” said Dr. Koenig.

“At this time, our focus is on making our partners happy. This means, iterating and innovating with them in a transparent and collaborative fashion.” Since the launch of Iris, Athletigen has received more requests from potential clients and partners than originally predicted. “This means that we need to select our clients based on our ability to serve them and based on their openness to innovating with us. This is truly an exciting time,” said Dr. Koenig.

Considering how far Athletigen has come in 2016, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the company will be in another year. Dr. Koenig has his sights set on growth and continuing Athletigen’s commitment to excellence.

“I hope that by this time next year, Athletigen is regarded as the premiere human performance solution for the world’s top athletes as well as anyone with a remarkable goal. In addition, I see the Iris technology making a significant contribution to our understanding of the human genome,” said Dr. Koenig. “The plan to achieve this is quite simple: We will educate, collaborate, connect and demonstrate unwavering commitment to excellence in order to ensure that our current and future partners have a better chance of achieving their goals through a better understanding of themselves. After all, DNA is something inside all of us, it’s the 3.8 billion year old technology that we think everyone should have access to.”



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