Bryce Crosby
The Evolution of ACTN3 - Discovery of the Sprint Gene

“Though the ACTN3 gene does appear to influence sprinting ability, making a..

Bryce Crosby
Athletigen Appoints Former VP of AncestryDNA John Pereira to the Board of Directors

HALIFAX, NS - October 5, 2016. - Athletigen, the industry leader in athlete..

Bryce Crosby
Skullcandy® Human Potential Lab Partners with Athletigen and Athletic Republic

Experts in Science, Hardware and Athlete Training to Help Millions of..

Bryce Crosby
Baylor Football Teams Up With Athletigen to Incorporate Genetics into Athlete Performance

Athletes using their DNA to complete the puzzle of athletic potential

Bryce Crosby
Athletigen Partners with Altis to Help Athletes Prepare for Olympic Games

Supporting Five Olympians Through Their Journey to Rio 2016

Bryce Crosby
Athletigen Raises $1.55M From Exponential Partners to Accelerate the Global Expansion of its Sports Genetics Platform

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia –January 4, 2015 -- Athletigen Technologies Inc., a..

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