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Athletigen Technologies, Inc. has announced the launch of its ALTIS Sport Performance Report, a DNA product that was created in partnership with the world-class coaches and athletes at ALTIS, a track and field center in Phoenix, Arizona that is home to dozens of Olympic athletes and coaches from 30 countries.

Athletigen formed its partnership with ALTIS more than three years ago and has been working diligently to understand the coach-athlete performance dynamic in an effort to provide DNA insights that can help the world’s top performers. In the process, the four-year-old tech start-up learned to optimize how DNA information can be explained to athletes while also ensuring that the professionals who support them are equipped to integrate DNA information in a way that helps each athlete define their individual path to success.

“There is an immense amount of value that comes from knowing your DNA. What’s critical is that athletes and all people understand how to interpret this resource,” said Dr. Jeremy Koenig, Athletigen’s CEO and Founder.

Stuart McMillan, ALTIS CEO and coach to Olympic athletes, stated that  “while we appreciate the importance of the information that an athlete’s DNA can give our coaching staff, it is the honesty and authenticity with which Athletigen communicates this information that sets them apart. Athletigen clearly has a staff that not only understands the science, but also the importance of sharing relevant and applied information, in a simple yet actionable manner, while still respecting the curiosity of those who want to dig deeper.”

The ALTIS Sport Performance Report helps athletes appreciate the impact of DNA on traits and physiological factors that influence human performance including VO2 Max, cellular energy metabolism, mitochondrial function, red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity, hydration, and much more. Dr. Koenig stated that “we’ve made every effort to speak to aspects of an athlete’s biology that can be optimized to improve training outcomes.”

Dr. Koenig also said that Athletigen is committed to delivering a robust DNA resource to help athletes achieve their goals. As part of Athletigen’s effort to bring DNA to the performance world, Koenig indicated that Athletigen will be launching an education initiative to help professional practitioners integrate DNA as part of their performance training toolset.

“I’ve committed more than two decades of my life to understanding the science of DNA,” said Dr. Koenig. “At Athletigen, we feel an obligation to accelerate this learning process for others so that we can help professionals use DNA effectively.” Dr. Koenig obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Dalhousie University and completed postdoctoral training in genetics and microbiome studies at Cornell University.

In addition to the ALTIS Sport Performance Report, Athletigen has previously launched the Optimum Movement and Recovery Report in partnership with MobilityWOD. Known as the leader of the CrossFit industry, MobilityWOD supports people to become a better coach, athlete, or practitioner by helping to optimize their mobility, prevent injury, train smarter, and recover better. Athletigen also offers a comprehensive DNA Nutrition Report as part of its product suite.

“We are delighted to offer athletes key insights from DNA that can address how to individualize diet, training, and recovery,” Dr. Koenig stated. “Equally important to the DNA insights we provide are the expert recommendations that are informed by our world-class partners. This ensures to the integrity of our product.”

Dr. Koenig finished by saying that the Athletigen education program is now running as a pilot initiative to accelerate professional training. Professional strength and conditioning coaches, therapists, nutrition coaches, and performance institutions are encouraged to visit Athletigen Pro to learn more.


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