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Athletigen Partners with Altis to Help Athletes Prepare for Olympic Games

Posted by Bryce Crosby on Sun, Jan 24, 2016

Supporting Five Olympians Through Their Journey to Rio 2016

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - January 25, 2016 -- Athletigen Technologies Inc., a leading sports genetics company, today announced a partnership with the World Athletics Training Centre (Altis), the premier training center for Olympic-level athletes and coaches. As part of this partnership, Athletigen will provide personalized sports genetics analysis and training recommendations to Altis athletes, including five Olympic and Paralympic competitors.

Athletigen’s proprietary platform analyzes an athlete’s DNA to assess genetic markers relating to athletic traits such as power, endurance, metabolism, injury protection, as well as nutrition and sports psychology. The Athletigen report is then used by the athlete and coach to optimize training.

“We are delighted to officially partner with Altis”, said Jeremy Koenig, Ph.D., CEO of Athletigen, who first visited the Phoenix-based high-performance center in May of 2014 as an athlete. “Altis provides best in class coaching and educational resources to their athletes in addition to hosting regular intensive coaching seminars to the next generation of high-performance coaches. Athletigen is fully committed to collaborating with Altis to provide insight into each athlete’s unique genetic makeup, and how it influences their performance.”

“Altis’ elite coaches and athletes are always looking to optimize performance and through Athletigen, we now offer the latest in sports genetics technology for personalized training,” said John Godina, CEO of Altis.

Through the partnership, Athletigen will be supporting Olympic and Paralympic athletes as they prepare for Rio 2016. These athletes include sprinters Muna Lee (USA), Jeremy Dodson (Samoa) and Akeem Haynes (Canada) along with pole vaulter Tori Pena (Ireland) and Paralympic sprinter and long jumper Lacey Henderson (USA). Athletigen will provide the athletes with an exclusive training platform which takes each athlete’s unique genetics, habits, behaviours, abilities and needs into account. In collaboration with the athletes’ team of performance experts, Athletigen is providing customized training and performance recommendations.

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"My goal is to train smart and Athletigen provides me with the knowledge to optimize my training," says two-time pole vault World Championship competitor and 2012 Olympian, Tori Pena. “I feel even more prepared going into the Olympics with Athletigen on my side.”

In addition to providing sports genetic analysis, Athletigen partners with Altis on its exclusive Performance Therapy Program. Delivered by renowned coaches and experts in biomechanics and sports genetics, the Athletigen Performance Therapy Program offers a hands-on, collaborative approach for coaches and therapists to proactively optimize athletic performance and reduce injuries.


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