Athletigen Technologies launches DNA analysis services for athletes

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – April 25, 2016: In celebration of national DNA Day, Athletigen Technologies is happy to announce that, as of today, it will be offering DNA analysis services to the public. After two years of rigorous research and development with world-class athletes and coaches, athletes of all levels are now able to explore their genetic foundation as it relates to athleticism, sports psychology, and nutrition.

“Genetics is one very important piece of the human performance puzzle,” said Athletigen CEO, Dr. Jeremy Koenig. “We know that everyone is different, now we can know, at the level of DNA, why people are different.”

DNA collection kits are purchased through the Athletigen website and mailed directly to the customer’s address. “It’s a simple saliva collection transformed into information that athletes of all levels can understand and use,” said Dr. Koenig.

DNA samples are then sent to a CLIA and CAP certified lab  The entire process takes about three to five weeks from the moment the athlete mails their sample to the lab.

Athletigen’s DNA Dashboard is an online platform that an athlete can use to securely explore their results and summaries. Genetic markers are sorted into three main categories: athletic, sports psychology, and nutritional traits. DNA insights an athlete will find in the dashboard summarize years of scientific research into predispositions that may have an impact on athletic performance. This includes susceptibility to tendon injury, power oriented muscle performance, sensitivity to saturated fats, and more.

Athletigen’s scientists give you an indication of how confident they are in the research behind each insight they provide. “The confidence grade that we assign to each genetic outcome is determined by several factors: the number of studies that replicated the same findings, the number of individuals within each group, and the ethnic diversity in which the correlation has been studied,“ said Athletigen’s Head of Science, Dr. Ian Zinck.

Athletigen is excited to be offering this service that was built with the help of intense user research and support from Olympic-level and world-class coaches and athletes. Athletigen’s partnership with the Altis training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, home to more than 100 high-performance athletes and some of the world’s top minds in professional coaching, was fundamental in the development and refinement of this service.

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