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Nutrigenomics: Vitamin B12

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin B9

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin B7

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin B6

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin B3

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin A

Insulin resistance and your DNA

The evolution of ACTN3: The discovery of the sprint gene

Using DNA to understand why foods affect you the way they do

Hydration, salt levels, and your DNA

Vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and your DNA

3 tips to keep your tendons healthy

Gluten sensitivity and your DNA

DNA and its effect on age-related strength loss

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Injury risks and your DNA

Carbohydrate metabolism and your DNA

Nutrigenomics: Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Metabolism

Custom vitamins and supplements based on your DNA

Endurance Ability and Your DNA

Nutrigenomics: Fat Metabolism

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Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Risk, and the Role of DNA

Nutrigenomics: Food Intake

How Knowing my DNA Changed Everything I Knew About Living With Diabetes

Understanding your genetics to help reduce injury risk

Nutrigenomics: Choline Metabolism

DNA 101: Training lactate threshold? Know the genetic link

Why Sleep is Essential for Your Performance

Nutrigenomics: Magnesium Metabolism

Your DNA and weight gain

DNA 101: Avoid injury with TLC (Tendon Love & Care)

Nutrigenomics: Selenium Metabolism

The relationship between strength and hypertrophy and your DNA

Using your DNA to stay healthy as you age

Nutrigenomics: Phosphorus Metabolism

Disc Degeneration and Your DNA

The relationship between body mass composition and DNA

Nutrigenomics: Potassium Metabolism

Your DNA and Endurance Performance

Rotator Cuff Injury and Your DNA

Nutrigenomics: Lactose Sensitivity and Your DNA

The Wellness Report - Your DNA guide to staying healthy as you age

Other DNA traits that can affect your training and performance

Nutrigenomics: Why foods affect us differently

The Athletic Report - a DNA guide to training, performance, and more!

Nutrigenomics: Iron Metabolism

SportTechie Feature: Athletigen and ALTIS Seek to Turn DNA Insights Into Coaching Advice

Your DNA-fuelled guide to injury prevention and recovery

Muscular Hypoxic Adaptation and Your DNA

How your DNA affects the way your body absorbs the food you eat

Shoulder dislocation and your DNA

The ALTIS Sport Performance Report

Bone fracture risk and your DNA

Muscle cramping and your DNA

What do broccoli, endurance training, and your DNA all have in common?

Rhabdomyolysis and your DNA

Sports psychology and your DNA

Nutrigenomics: Calcium Metabolism

Joint Health and your DNA

VO2 Max and your DNA

Tendon injury and your DNA

How your DNA affects your endurance ability

Nutrigenomics: Mineral Metabolism

Exercise recovery and your DNA

The relationship between bone health and your DNA

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin K

Speed, Power, and Your DNA

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin E

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin D

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Metabolism and HDL-Cholesterol Levels

Nutrigenomics: Vitamin C

Nutrigenomics: Macronutrients and your DNA

Guest Blog: The DNA Benefit by Ryan Vigneau

Athletigen teams up with ALTIS: the elite athlete and coach training environment

Dr. Jeremy Koenig joins Ellie Spain on the ALTIS World Podcast

How Athletigen has helped professional hockey player Andrew Gordon

Dr. Jeremy Koenig and Dr. Kelly Starrett talk DNA and the Optimum Movement and Recovery DNA report

MobilityWOD and Athletigen announce the Optimum Movement and Recovery DNA Report

Crossfit athlete Brista Mayfield is basically a superhero

Frustrated with fats? Feed your genes

Why DNA shouldn't be used for talent identification

Meet Ryan Vigneau: The first Athletigen certified coach

S&C coach Alexi Pianosi talks DNA in training program development

C100 names Athletigen among most promising companies in Canada

DNA could explain why you have difficulty falling asleep

DNA could explain why your body reacts to caffeine in a unique way

What you need to know about gene doping

How to use data to prevent athletes pushing it too far

Athletigen and Kinduct Team Up to Harness Athletic Potential

Genetics and Golf

Lacey Henderson: What Makes Me Hungry for More

Athletigen Appoints Former VP of AncestryDNA John Pereira to the Board of Directors

Olympic Medalist Akeem Haynes: No One Person is an Island

An Athletigen Analysis: Is Paleo For You?

Olympic Genetics: Jeremy Dodson's Athletigen Profile

A Brief History of Genetics

The Genetics of the Cinderella Icelandic Soccer Team

Skullcandy® Human Potential Lab Partners with Athletigen and Athletic Republic

When Nature Trumps Nurture: Genetics and Doping

100 Days Until the Olympic Games: An Inside Look

Track and Field: The Origin of Modern Day Sport

Baylor Football Teams Up With Athletigen to Incorporate Genetics into Athlete Performance

Data Driven Preparation for the CrossFit Open

Akeem Haynes: Support Goes A Long Way

Jeremy Dodson: Know Your Strengths

The Manning Family: Environmental Influences

Muna Lee: I'm The Strongest

Lacey Henderson: The Strength is in There

Tori Peña: There is Something Inside of Every Athlete

Your Endurance Thresholds: Anaerobic vs. Aerobic

Wodapalooza 2016: Team Athletigen Recap

Athletigen Partners with Altis to Help Athletes Prepare for Olympic Games

Athletigen Raises $1.55M From Exponential Partners to Accelerate the Global Expansion of its Sports Genetics Platform

There's No Perfect Recipe For Success: The Interplay Between Genetics and Environment

What is VO2 Max?

Book Review: The Sports Gene - David Epstein

Athletigen: Expand Your Foundation

ACL Injuries in Football

Q&A With Blake Gallagher and Melanie Clarke

Precision Medicine and Precision Performance: The One Person Trial

Heather Hamilton: Featured Athlete

The Science of Elite Marathoners

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